Purdue University Is The Best Place To Be

I have been thinking lately, which is dangerous, about why Purdue is awesome, other than academics and such. The thought occurred to me that I would not rather be in any other place for a zombie apocalypse. Just hang in there with me. Look at it this way, we have one of the best engineering, health science, agriculture, and construction programs around, just to name a few. The engineers could formulate contraptions and defense strategies. They could find our weakest areas and figure out how to strengthen them. The agriculture schools, botany, animal science, and agricultural management could keep us alive with food sustainment, figure out the best crops to build, how we will sustain a large number of people, and sustain a credible trade system between each school/faction. Our nutrition department could calculate needs for each person, know exactly how much they need to eat to survive, help the pharmacy, pre-med, nurse, and health & kinesiology departments keep everyone healthy. The construction programs would be able to either build a giant wall, or figure out a way to reinforce everything in a practical way to keep everyone safe. The list could go on, but one thing is for sure, you would be safe here! Also, we already have our own transportation system. There is a huge wind farm not far away that we could tap into to keep the power going, not to mention one of the best research facilities to be able to find a cure. Any who, I’m not confirming or denying that there will be a zombie hoard crashing through your local infrastructure, and that mass chaos will ensue. I am saying that if you are going to be studying at your university, wouldn’t you rather have a place that will be able to keep you safe as you sip your post-apocalyptic coffee and studying whatever you are wishing to study, whilst in an underground bunker/library (hicks library)? Think abouzombiet it, I think you’ll make the right decision, or be zombie bait, whatever you choose….

(I am not saying you are doomed without Purdue, I am just saying I see the best likelihood of survival here.)

Also, here is a picture of a zombie-man from the movie Warm Bodies. Pretty cool movie, but remember, don’t be zombie bait. Also, do some cardio. (Zombieland Survival Rule #1)

— John Oswalt, Senior, Dietetics/Nutrition Fitness and Health

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