Some Great Coffee Houses Around Campus

I love coffee shops. I don’t love coffee. It’s weird, I know. But really what I love about the coffee shops is the atmosphere. As the youngest child of 3 there was always noise in my house growing up – I believe this played a huge part in why I’m not drawn to the vast quietness of the library. Coffee shops are more bustling, and therefore feel more like home, libraries are great for having wide-open spaces but in general I’m drawn to the coziness of coffee shops.  As far as I’m concerned, Purdue and West Lafayette have great coffee shops.

For your standard Starbucks drinker – Purdue has a newly renovated Starbucks in the heart of campus, and I’ve heard rumors about a second one that will be on the residential side. Obviously, Starbucks is more commercialized so unless I want my favorite drink (Caramecoffee shops 1l Apple Spice – go try it, it’s great) I don’t usually end up there.

One of the ones special to Purdue that a lot of students enjoy is on the corner of campus and it is called Greyhouse. Greyhouse has a huge selection of coffees and teas (I’m not a tea drinker either though – not sure what’s wrong with me) and also plenty of chairs and tables to study at. This is a great place to meet large groups because you can reserve the room in the back for studying.

There are a couple of coffee shops on campus that my friends and I enjocoffee shops 2y studying at – these coffee shops tend to see less traffic throughout the day so you’re less likely to be bothered by people moving tables around you. Two in particular that I really like that I think you should try are Star City Coffee and Ale House (yes, you read that right, they also serve beer) – I love this place because if you go before 11 AM they serve waffles! Another one, Sacred Grounds, is owned by music lovers so every time I go they’re always advertising groups that they bring in. Just last Friday I saw a group called Elenowen play there.

Just because you don’t like coffee, doesn’t mean you can’t love coffee shops!

— Alicia Kerr, Senior, Brain and Behavioral Sciences

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