Classes That I’m Passionate About

classesI’m very sad to say that I am a second-semester senior. I never want to leave Purdue! But on the bright side, I am really enjoying my dietetics classes this semester! I am in several classes, but two of them are Medical Nutrition Therapy and Nutrition Communication. It’s so fun to take classes about things you are truly passionate about. In Medical Nutrition Therapy, we learn about different health problems and how I can help as a dietitian. I really wasn’t sure how much I would like this class, but I love it! Our dietetics program here at Purdue is so great, and this class really shows that! Our professors make the class fun and very hands on. Recently we learned about different diets like liquid diets, soft diets, and pureed diets. We took time during our lab to actually taste the things that we will be giving to our patients. I have to admit…it wasn’t very good! But this really helps us realize that patients often don’t like these foods either, but we have to find a way to keep the patients nourished so they can get better faster. It’s amazing how important food and nutrition is in the healing process! My other nutrition class, Nutrition Communication, is a fun class that helps us improve our communication in ways that we can apply in our professions. Today we had to present food demonstrations. It was so fun! I made healthy breakfast sandwiches, and we spent the entire class watching food demos and eating the foods we made! Let’s just say…I didn’t need to eat breakfast or dinner! We had some pretty tasty food! I know that going to class isn’t always the best thing ever, but now that I am finally in classes that teach me about my passions I can’t wait to learn more!!

— Alyssa Slater, Senior, Dietetics

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