Spring Break 2014!

This year for spring break I didn’t go to a beach, or go on a cruise, or even go home. Instead I spent the week doing community service in Atlanta, GA. I went with a group of students through Timmy Global Health, an organization I’m involved with on MedSharecampus. We stayed at a church with students from University of Kentucky and each day we would go off to do different service projects at different places throughout the city. We were set up with different projects through an organization called DOOR Atlanta. A few of my favorites were working with Global Soaps and MedShare. Global Soaps was an organization that collected the left over soaps from hotels and re-purposed them into new bars of soap to be sent over to third world countries to help prevent diseases caused by contaminated water. I cut the long logs of soap formed throughout the process into 4 oz. bars and then boxed them up to be sent overseas. I really liked how they had a two-fold mission: to help others and to recycle perfectly good soap! MedShare was also an organization that helped recycle. They send medical equipment to doctors in countries that do not have access to it. If a box of medical supplies is cosmetically damaged, meaning it gets too dented or there is a hole, usually all of that equipment is sent to a landfill. But MedShare steps in and repackages it and sends it to places that really need it. MedShare inventories all of their available supplies and doctors can go online and “shop” for what they need to be sent over. I think that they are doing an awesome thing, and it was very cool to help out there. We were repackaging supplies, and so we opened up the dented boxes, counted the amount of supplies inside and re-boxed it to be inventoried. We also got to do some fun activities when we weren’t volunteering, like going to the World Of Coke museum, hiking up Stone Mountain and seeing Centennial Park where the Olympics were held. All in all it was a rewarding and fun trip and I’m really glad I went! My next goal is to do some type of service outside of the country, hopefully medically related during my time at Purdue.  As always, Boiler Up!

— Rachel Mentzel, Sophomore, Movement and Sport Sciences

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