A Message From Your Happy Volunteer Delivery Driver

mealsFor the past few months I have been delivering meals once a week for Meals on Wheels. I started at the beginning of January after I noticed a callout for volunteers in the Journal and Courier. I called, went for a training run, and was hooked! It only takes me one hour to deliver meals to about a dozen people who otherwise would have trouble accessing food for one reason or another, and knowing that I am making a positive difference in people’s lives in this way is extremely rewarding. Both the people who I volunteer with and the people I deliver to are among the friendliest I know, and I look forward to my Wednesday morning route every week! The Journal and Courier actually wrote an article this past month about Meals on Wheels, urging for more volunteers. They interviewed me, and I was more than happy to help publicize such a worthy cause. You can check it out here:

By being a volunteer, I am no exception in the Purdue community; every one of my friends at Purdue volunteers, or donates a good portion of their time to causes that they care about. Community volunteering is one of the things that most clubs at Purdue focus on as well, so as a member of a club you will likely be invited to go with a group of students to do any number of activities, for example winterizing elderly people’s homes, or planting drainage enhancing rain-gardens in runoff areas. And if you are still looking for the right place to donate your time and skills, the Boiler Volunteer Network is an organization on campus that helps to pair potential volunteers with community opportunities. So, go help out, Boiler up, and have a happy spring!
— Erin McConnell, Senior, Psychological Sciences

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