Back For The Last Six Weeks Of Classes

Spring Break Green RiverThis past week was my last spring break as an undergraduate. Though I didn’t go anywhere unique or remotely tropical, I had an amazing time enjoying my last break. Gone are the days of sleeping in until noon and watching TV all day for a week straight. Before my “relaxation vacation,” I went into Chicago to visit a friend who is doing an internship in the city. It was perfect timing for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. It’s a tradition in Chicago to dye the river green before a huge parade through Grant Park. I have never gone before, so it was awesome to see the whole city turn green. Literally! My train was packed headed into the city with extraordinarily dressed people, and I felt severely under dressed with only my green scarf. Once I got into the city there was a long time to wait between the river dyeing and parade. Luckily though, the weather was perfect 40-some degrees. My friend and I explored downtown trying to find any Irish place that wasn’t ridiculously crowded (an impossible task). However, I got to finally try Sprinkles Cupcakes! We shared an Irish Chocolate Cream cupcake on our walk back to the parade. St. Patrick’s Day was a great way to start off my break, and turned out to be the highlight of it. Now, back to the study grind for the last 6 weeks of classes!

— Mary Jacobs, Senior, Nursing

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