Graduation Excitement

This semester has been a crazy one to say the least; with homework, exams, projects, and extracurricular activities, I’m definitely staying busy in my last semester here at Purdue! With spring semester comes many new activities and events to look forward to on campus; one of those events that pertain to my life that I’m particularly excited about is graduation! Graduation became more real to me when I purchased my cap and gown yesterday. With all this talk about getting tickets, ordering the cap and gown, getting information for the ceremony in May just makes me more excited to walk across that stage and earn my Bachelor’s degree that I’ve worked so hard for the last 4 years. It seems crazy to me that graduation will be taking place in just eight weeks! It seems like just yesterday that I was starting my first day as an official Boilermaker. Needless to say these last few weeks, though filled with many exams and projects, will definitely be made memorable for me here at Purdue. I wouldn’t trade my time or memories here for anything! I’m still so proud to say I’m a Boilermaker and I will be even more proud to say I am an Alum!

–Alyssa Major, Senior, Psychological Sciences

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