The Purdue Fashion Show

Fashion Show 1The Purdue Annual Fashion Show was so exciting for me this year, it was my first year putting garments on the runway and it was very rewarding to see all my late nights in the lab and all the stress of getting pieces perfect finally pay off. Ever since I was in the fourth grade I wanted to become a fashion designer and this year was the first time I felt that I could finally call myself a real designer. It felt pretty unreal to see something I created actually come to life; and this has been one of the best things that has ever happen to me thus far. This year I had the responsibility of telling the models when to go on stage and Fashion Show 2communicating with the DJ to “Q” the music. Even though I wasn’t able to go out and watch the show I had a rewarding time backstage and felt honored to be given this position by my two professors. Since I am a sophomore I was required to make two looks, but I also wanted to make my own outfit for the show. So for my first outfit I created a crop top and high-waisted shorts in the same lining material and a very beautiful printed kimono to go on top. For my second outfit I created a baby-doll dress with a pleather bodice and a chiffon skirt and a black and white stripe bandeau to go underneath. And for my outfit I created a strapless sweater top, silky high-waisted pants and a kimono as well. I love working with black Fashion Show 3because I feel the color is sliming, complements every skin tone, and is very sophisticated. I also consider myself to be a minimalist with my designs; I prefer to have simple silhouettes, but experiment with a variety of textiles. I already have a thousand more ideas for what I would like to create for the next fashion show and can’t wait until then!

— Sierra Powell, Sophomore, Apparel Design and Technology

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