You Have To Study Abroad!

Spring Break 4After being back at school and having a couple weeks to get back in the swing of things, I would definitely say my most eventful part of March was spring break. My roommate is studying abroad in Madrid, Spain for the semester and I was fortunate enough to go visit her! Since I was only there for about a week, it was definitely a lot of traveling to try to squeeze everything in, but it was well worth it. When I departed for Spain, I ended up traveling for about 24 hours because once I got to Madrid we immediately left for our trip to Morocco. So to say I was exhausted once I got to MoroccoSpring Break 2 is an understatement! But I rested up and started traveling immediately the next day. Morocco had some of the prettiest blue I’ve ever seen in my life. From the painted walls in the town, to the color of the water, it was mesmerizing. I also got to take some selfies with a camel, which I thought was pretty exciting! After the amazing weekend in Morocco we traveled back to Madrid. Spring Break 5In Madrid I got to eat some amazing food, experience the night life, do some shopping, go to a Real Madrid soccer game, and eat some more food. Seriously the food and sangria were AMAZING. We also traveled to a city called Valencia for a festival called Las Fallas. That was also a pretty awesome experience. We spent the afternoon on the beach just eating and soakSpring Break 3ing everything in. For the festival, the people in this city spend an entire year building figures as tall as apartment complexes. The figures are usually humorous or mocking politics, celebrities or cultural events. The city chooses the best one and keeps it on display in a museum. Then at midnight there is a fireworks show and they burn the rest of these fSpring Break 1igures down! It was definitely a site to see. Having to leave Madrid and know I was coming back to school was heart breaking, but I am so grateful for the experience I had. Since I am a nursing student, I am not able to study abroad for a semester. However, I take chances to travel like that whenever I can! My biggest piece of advice for anyone that does have the opportunity to study abroad is to do everything possible to make sure it happens. It will give you an education that no school will ever have the ability to teach you. I guarantee it will be one of the best times of your life. I plan to do at least one study abroad program for nursing, whether it’s over spring break or in the summer. After this spring break I have definitely become a travel junkie and can’t wait to check more places off my list!

— Smaro Spandonidis, Junior, Nursing

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