Spring Fest At Purdue

Spring at Purdue is probably one of my favorite things. As soon as campus starts getting nice out there are just so many awesome events and activities that Purdue has to offer. This past weekend on campus provided not only beautiful weather but it also provided many different activities that I mentioned are offered in spring. One of my favorite events of spring semester at Purdspringfestue is the Spring Fest and the Bug Bowl! One of the amazing things that Purdue offers every year is for the Agricultural department to host what is called the Bug Bowl. This is a two-day event every spring where students and families can come and experience different aspects of the Agricultural department. They offer different activities such as cricket spitting, learning about different plants and crops (you can even buy some!), a petting zoo, where you can pet different farm animals, and they even have a cow where they let you feel the inside of one of its stomachs! I even got to hold an adorable little duckling! They also have really cool displays on different bugs that have been collected and preserved over the years. There’s even a booth that lets you buy chocolate covered crickets! Other colleges here at Purdue also have their own set ups around campus, offering different foods, crafts, and games, as well as other cool educational information. It’s such a great time to be outside with friends and family. Purdue also had their annual spring football game that’s free for all students, where you can meet some players and watch them scrimmage. Needless to say after such a harsh winter this year, spring fest was a great relief and a great opportunity to spend some quality time on Purdue’s campus!

–Alyssa Major, Senior, Psychological Sciences

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