My Psychology Research

The end of spring semester is always a crazy time but since I am now in my last semester at Purdue research1finishing up is even more exciting!

This past month I finished up the work for my senior thesis and presented at the College of Health and Human Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium. It was really fulfilling to see the research that I’ve worked so hard on the past couple of years be completed and to be able to present about it. If you are interested, the title of my project is “The Effects of Stress on Alcohol-Intake in Mice Lacking the Stress-Related Fkbp5 Gene.”

For those who are entering the field of Psychology/Behavioral Neuroscience – anywhere, but especially Purdue – get involved in research!!! It’s so important in a number of ways – from building connections, providing valuable experience, expressing youresearch2r interests, and so on and so on. The department of Psychology here at Purdue does a really great job of providing these opportunities for undergraduates so it’s very important that you take advantage of them.

In fact, I would credit these opportunities, such as my senior thesis, as a huge factor in why I’m officially going to graduate school next year at Virginia Tech. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see four years of hard work here at Purdue pay off and I’m so excited to move to Virginia and get to work on my PhD!

–Alicia Kerr, Senior, Brain and Behavioral Sciences

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