Mansfield Mushroom Festival

millThis past Saturday I went with my family to the Historic Mansfield Village Mushroom Festival! It is that time of year when mushrooms start popping up all over Indiana, and Mansfield was a great place to go to kiJ and J Millck off mushroom season; they host an organized mushroom hunt, a contest for the largest mushroom, and a live auction for buying and selling mushrooms. The festival is centered around an old 3-story roller mill full of milling machinery from the 1800s, which was really cool to walk through, especially when accompanied by a machine-obsshadesessed toddler (my son, Jack). Mansfield is about an hour and fifteen minutes south of Purdue, and pretty near Shades State Park, so we stopped off there and did a little hiking as well. It was a great way to spend the day, and a good breather from my end-of-semester studying and paper-writing finale. Summer break, here we come!

–Erin McConnell, Senior, Psychological Sciences

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