Fun in the Sun!!!

For summer 2014, I have been working at Banner Day Camp in Lake Forest, Illinois. I am a counselor for nine 3-4year old boys, a bus counselor for various ages, and a swim instructor for two 4 year old boys. My day is usually both exciting and stressful because Summer Camp 1there are so many things to do for the little ones, but I absolutely love my job! Some activities we have at this camp include zip lining, bumper boats, going to a lake to fish, building blocks, and more. One of the best parts about working at this camp is that I have made so many memories with my campers. One of my favorite memories was when we had an event called Olympic Day. Olympic day is when each group is assigned aSummer Camp 2 country and we compete against the other teams in some relays. My boys and I represented the country Brazil, so I had made them Brazil headbands to amp up their spirits. We then created a boisterous cheer for Brazil, where we marched all around camp singing it so other groups could watch and hear! When summer camp comes to an end, I’m going to miss all of my campers and co-workers. We all became so close because it’s a nine-week camp, Monday through Friday, for nine hours each day outside in the rain or sun. Banner Day Camp has become my new family for the summer, and departing from them will be very emotional. However, once camp is over that means classes in the fall will begin soon and I am very excited to begin my junior year at Purdue!

— Paayal Surani, Junior, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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