Bigger Isn’t Always Better

After working downtown Indianapolis for a summer, the city has really grown on me. Growing up in a suburb outside of Chicago and having a sister who lives there now, really made me think I wanted to be there after graduation. However, I have come to realize that bigger isn’t nRestaurant 1ecessarily better. I love the fact that in Indianapolis I can get to work in about 20 minutes without having any traffic. If I were to drive in Chicago at 8am for about 20 minutes, I might make it down the street a few blocks. The beauty of Indianapolis stems from the fact that it has a big city feel but it is actually a very manageable city to live in. Nearly every day there is an activity of some sort happening downtown on Monument Circle or somewhere on Meridian Street, yet those areas are not overcrowded with people. It is much more pleasant to be able to enjoy these various activities without having to compete with thouRestaurant 2sands of people for a spot to stand. Simply put, Indianapolis has a lot to offer. As most people already know, we have the Indianapolis Colts, Pacers, Indians, and Eleven. These professional teams already put us above 24 other U.S. states that do not have any major sports teams to offer. One of the perks of having huge sports teams in smaller cities is the potential to see someone famous while you’re out and about. Well, that exact thing happened to me on my Birthday. Although I was only able to capture the back of him, the below picture shows Indianapolis Pacer, Roy Hibbert at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse downtown. I was able find out through twitter that he was also in his private room with two NBA legends, Larry Bird and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

— Nick Warden, Senior, Selling and Sales Management

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