Orange Diversity

Diversity in the work-place is becoming increasingly important and remains extremely valuable. Many companies strive to develop a diverse culture of people to better position themselves in today’s global market. ExactTarget is taking that one step further. As I looked around my “Slingshot” internship group I was not surprised to meet students from Jamaica, China, and Ecuador. Furthermore, upon arriving to the team I will be working with this summer, I was greeted by Carlos Aguilera. Carlos is originally from Bolivia but earned his degree from the Kelley School of Business at IUPUI. I found it very intriguing that so many people were from completely different cultural backgrounds, yet they still fit ExactTarget’s “orange” mold.

If you are reading this and you are unfamiliar with the term “orange,” it identifies the culture of ExactTarget as a company. So what is “orange?” Well, the definition of “orange” changes from person to person. Again, because we are so diverse. However, to put a general definition of it in my own words, “orange” is putting others before yourself and being respectful.

Simply put, it is very powerful to see a company define their culture and put a brand on it. In doing so, people from all different walks of life can join together to create something unique and inspiring. It doesn’t matter what your native language is, what color your skin is, or what your sexual preference is. The million dollar questions is, are you a good person? What matters the most in developing a diverse culture is getting people with a similar mind set. Problems are easily mitigated when people have common morals and values.

Now, the billion dollar question. How does ExactTarget hire the best and the brightest and still maintain their “orange” culture and diversity? Well, that my friend, is a secret.

— Nick Warden, Senior, Selling and Sales Management

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