Farming and Observing a Physical Therapist

The summer is coming to an end with several memories and lost time in the past. As soon as, I stepped foot into my home, I quickly did a change of clothes. I immediately headed outside to the farm where I spent all of my summer. For the first few weeks of the summer, I helped prepare for the residing of barns that we store equipment. After several weeks of work there, I prepared for the harvest of wheat in the month of June. While in the month of June, I planted our farms soybean crop. I learned the ins and outs of GPS in our new tractors. Throughout the planting season, I learned to navigate through the guidance system and let the tractor drive itself through the field. As our plentiful wheat harvest came to a close at the end of June, I proceeded to clean up the machinery from harvest. After two weeks, I was allotted the task to haul grain to the elevator for the farm to receive a paycheck from the grain from our last harvest. As the summer comes to a close and the first day of school is in sight, I am helping finish up the finishing touches on our machine sheds while also squeezing in some observation hours of a physical therapist at a local hospital. I will soon collect my earnings for the summer and put to good use at school in the coming weeks.

— Austin Bender, Junior, Pre-Physical Therapy

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