Friends Make Purdue Less of a University and More of a Family

Books are not cheap. Clothes are not cheap. Food is not cheap. Coming to college, there were so many things in the first 2 weeks that I needed to buy from books to that cute football jersey. There was no way I was going to be able to afford it on my high school savings, so I was left with no choice but to get a job.

I ended up going to the pool to swim with my roommate and then grabbing a job application to work at the pool during BGR. I passed the swim, tread and practice saves. The job was mine. They told me I would be only a sub when I applied so I did not worry about the times for shifts. As it so happened though, I was given the 5:45 morning shift, on Fridays! There was no possibly worse shift then that. However, despite the poor timing of the shift, I was scheduled to work with some other really cool freshman girls that became my dear friends to this day.

Coming to work became less and less of a chore as the semester went on because of my co-workers. We would go to breakfast together after every shift and tell each other about our weeks during our breaks. It really was fun to see my friendship grow with them.

During my second semester, my great grandma passed away at the age of 101. I went into work that day not knowing how to feel, but suddenly I started crying uncontrollably during my shift. I would not have been able to handle her passing as well as school that semester if it were not for my good friend, Jennifer, talking me through it and consoling me in the guard office of the Aquatic Center. I know that through getting a job, Purdue became less of a University and more of a family.

— Katie Regan, Junior, Dietetics

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