Healthy Balance Between School and Social Life

After Labor Day weekend, with an extra day off of school, it has officially hit me that summer is over. As sad as it is, looking back I’m so happy I was able to do so many things with my free time from school. I mostly spent my weekends in Chicago going to different music festivals or concerts. I was able to meet up with a lot of friends and try new restaurants when celebrating all my friends turning 21. My highlight was definitely country thunder, which is a weekend concert series in Wisconsin thrainbowat people get to camp at and see some of their favorite country artists. I also took a couple of little trips with my family, which was great quality time with them! After having a summer filled with fun, school isn’t always the most exciting thing to return to. But after being able to spend so much time with friends and family over the summer, and build and enhance those relationships, I have realized how important it is to make time for the people in your life that are important to you. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in classes, meetings and obligations at school that the time is not put aside for those relationships. So even if it’s a quick text, or card that’s sent, it can make a friend’s day and show how important they always are to you. So this year my goal is to keep a healthy balance between school and social life because both are very important aspects of your life that need time and effort put in!

— Smaro Spandonidis, Senior, Nursing

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