Love Getting Back to Purdue

And then it was fall… Did summer just fly by or is it just me?? As sad as I am to see the summer go – I am so happy to be back on campus. I have a lot in store for this year, especially including my new duties as an ambassador to the wonderful College of Health and Human Sciences!

Because I am a new ambassador, I had to move into my dorm at Hillenbrand Hall a few days early. The next two days, I spent the day training and learning about all of the different majors in our college – which was so incredibly fun and interesting! I really enjoyed getting to know my fellow ambassadors and learning about all of the cool things that are going on in our college! We are such a diverse college – from business degrees to hospitality degrees to medical degrees, there is something for everyone here. I even went to some buildings that I didn’t even know existed. The nursing building has simulation labs that are incredibly advanced, and the new speech language and hearing sciences building is beautiful!

Training was greatroom, but when we were done, I had to get down to business (Mulan quote, anyone?) and start focusing on getting ready for school. I had to buy all of my books *ouch* and make sure I had everything I needed for a successful year. I will definitely be busy, especially since I am taking 18 credit hours this semester. It’s a lot of work, but I am finally getting into the classes pertaining to my major, so I am finally getting a glimpse of my future career!

And here’s a little peek of my room in Hillenbrand. As you can see, I love pictures. And Sherlock. And the Office. And pens. For me, my desk is the place I do all of my homework and studying, so in the midst of all the stress, I like to have something fun and happy to look at.

— Ally Ylo, Sophomore, Financial Counseling and Planning

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