Nursing Clinical Experience

clinicalsOne of the first questions people ask when they find out I’m in nursing is, “Have you had any clinicals yet?” I can proudly say that yes I have! Purdue’s nursing program is unique because we start clinicals sophomore year while many nursing schools start clinicals junior year. Last year I had clinicals at Heritage long term care facility. This year I am excited to start junior clinicals: med surge, psych and OB. My clinicals will be both in Lafayette and in Indy. This is a picture of my med surge clinical group at orientation at IU Arnett. Clinicals start bright and early at 6:50 am every week. There is so much that goes into training: learning the system to chart our care and gather data, learning the layout of the floor and learning what the various codes mean. We’re learning to set up IVs, performing assessments and passing medications on a surgical floor. Many of our patients will still be dazed from medications from surgery so we’re told to consider all of them fall risks. One of our main jobs is to answer our patients’ call lights quickly because they’re likely still be dazed from surgery so they may fall. Clinicals can be overwhelming at times but in a job like nursing hands on skills are a must! I have my first official clinical day tomorrow. I will keep you all posted on my clinicals =)!

— Laura Mangan, Junior, Nursing

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