Purdue and Alpha Gamma Delta

Over the summer, I had the opportunity of attending the international convention for my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, which took place at the International Headquarters in Indianapolis. At first, I was reluctant to spend five days of my summer dressed in my best business casual outfit with complete strangers. After only one night spent at convention, I realized I was graced with an experience that most people would never get to partake in. I met women who had been a part of the organization that has truly impacted my life nearly 50 years ago, and still actively participated in any event they could. One woman had been attending convention since 1949! It was crazy to meet girls of all ages from all over the country (and Canada) who were pledged to the same values that I hold myself to every day. It also showed me how life goes on after college. The friendships that you make in college and the person that you become carry on with you forever. Sometimes in college it’s easy to get caught up in the college life, and you forget that life goes on after it ends. Attending convention showed me ways that I can continue growing as a person once college ends, and helped me fall in love all over again with my sorority. Also, after meeting girls from other schools, I realized how privileged I am at Purdue and how lucky I am to go to such a great school!

— Aryelle Murray, Junior, Movement and Sport Sciences

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