Hiring Season

Growing up, fall was always my favorite season. I loved how the leaves would fall off the tress and collect in the yard. The weather would start to cool down and the days of needing air conditioning were over. Plus, on top of all of that, fall is football season! However, the one thing I didn’t knhiring seasonow until my junior year at Purdue University is that fall is also hiring season. During the fall semester the university holds multiple career-fairs from the Industrial Roundtable to the Krannert SMEF career-fair. Not to mention, a CSR specific career-fair for Selling and Sales ManagementFinancial Counseling and Planning, and Retail Management. Having this kind of exposure to companies is absolutely priceless.

However, it is also a very stressful time of the year for students seeking internships and full-time jobs. It can be very overwhelming to have to prepare a resume. Personally, my resume took me about 3 weeks to prepare because I was constantly having a different set of eyes review my progress. Eventually, I had a solid document that I could edit and tailor to specific roles. I knew I needed to attend the career-fair last year so I took initiative to seek out companies I was interested in working for. I studied those companies and only prepared to speak to 3 or 4. I was able to secure an internship with Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud last summer in Indianapolis and now I have a full-time offer pending with them. Therefore, my trip to the career-fair this semester was a lot less stressful than most!

Fall is an awesome time of the year. It is football season, weather changing season, and most importantly hiring season. I encourage students to always have a resume prepared and ready to go. With hiring today, it is all about securing an internship and letting the company determine if the people interning are a good fit as full-time employees.

— Nick Warden, Senior, Selling and Sales Management

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