Friendships Made Through Boiler Gold Rush

september blogWell the fall semester is in full swing, and going through the motions of school again has taken some getting used to. The beginning of the school year was a little different for me this time around. I was fortunate enough to have been a Boiler Gold Rush (BGR) Team Leader, and it was the most amazing organization to have been a part of.

BGR was different in many ways this year. It was a week long instead of 3 days, and there were many informational classes that the students and team leaders attended. Now, for the Team Leaders,  everything started the Thursday before BGR started. Training was an all day affair and within my  group and my buddy’s group, everyone got closer and loved being around each other.

september blog 2Move in was Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was extremely hectic and stressful because the amount of students moving into Shreve Hall was more than any other hall, but we made it! Sunday before we met our students every single Team Leader was extremely nervous. We wanted our students to love us and enjoy all the events that were planned. When we finally met our students, fears were beginning to subside and I found that I was really enjoying my role as a Team Leader. I loved the BGR program and wanted my students to as well!

The week went on and the new students engaged in the traditions of becoming Purdue students. They crossed the tracks, they learned about the clapping circles, as well as the meaning behind the unfinished block P. There were days when it was incredibly hot outside, but my students seemed to really enjoy just being on the campus! We were all incredibly tired, especially the Team Leaders but the students’ enthusiasm really helped us get through the week!

september blog 3Sunday came very quickly, and that meant closing ceremonies and the end of BGR 2014. My fellow Team Leaders and I were extremely saddened by this fact. We had been training since April and then all of a sudden the adventure is coming to an end. The Love Doctor made his appearance once again and had the crowd in Elliot roaring with laughter. He answered students’ questions, and when he was done a slideshow of the week started to roll. All the students had their own unique experiences with BGR and showing the slideshow really allowed everyone to experience BGR all over again.

Hopefully, I was able to prepare my students for what college might be like. Everyone does college differently, but hopefully they can survive their first year with the friendships that they built during BGR. I know that I have made incredible friendships with my Team Leader group and my buddy group. Sunday September 14th, we had our annual BGR Appreciation Banquet and just being together as a group again felt wonderful. Some of us will go on to becoming BGR Supervisors and some of us won’t, but the friendships that BGR has given me are something I will never forget.

— Marguerite Lamborn, Junior, Psychological Sciences

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