Raise Your Sleeve And Save A Life

blood donationThe first month of school has been very busy. With the first round of exams going on, I decided to find a way to give back. I decided to donate blood to the Indiana Blood Center. According to the Indiana blood center website, they need to see at least five hundred and fifty people per day to supply enough blood for more than sixty hospitals. I was happy to be one of the donors for the day.

When I first arrived at the blood donation vehicle I had mixed emotions. I felt nervous for how I may feel after I donate. Would I feel ill? Will I be able to go to the rest of my classes? Over all the nerves, I decided to continue and donate. Once you sign in and give them your information, you need to do a blood screening. This ensures that you are healthy enough to donate blood that day. Once I passed the screening process I was ready to wait my turn to donate blood.

One of the major benefits of being left handed, the right arm blood donation chair is usually always open so I went right up. The Indiana Blood Center employee explained each step as she was cleaning my arm and inserted the needle. The employee was so funny and cracking jokes, I did not feel a thing. Once I finished my liter of blood, I was all set to relax, eat snacks, and continue for the rest of my day.

Overall it was a great experience and I am very lucky to able to donate to such a great cause. This experience made me want to continue giving blood whenever I can. All I need to do is “raise my sleeve” and I will save lives.

–Sara Loerch, Sophomore, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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