Building Relationships with Professors Early

ScraptheSelfie-Head ShotWe are all scared. You’re in a class of a 1,000 people so you figure you professor doesn’t have time to talk to you. Well, I completely disagree. No matter how big or small the class is, professors are always enthused to meet their students and get to know them. Even if it was a small question, I always went after class to ask my professors. Some professors would have lunches once a week and I would always attend those. Although it can be intimidating sometimes, building lasting relationships with your professors will help you in college. Once I was able to build those relationships, I could always go back to old professors for advice on careers or other classes in that subject area. At some point, you will need a professor to write you a recommendation letter for a club, a leadership position, or graduate school. Believe me, it is far easier to receive a recommendation letter from a professor when they know you very well and can attest to your stellar work ethic in class. In all, professors are human too; they’re just super smart. You will never go wrong by befriending a few professors during your college career.

— Jordan Williams, Senior, Public Health

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