Experiencing Ethnic Cuisine Over Fall Break

Ethnic Expo SignIn my hometown of Columbus, IN there is a street festival that only happens once a year for a weekend. It just so happens that it falls on Purdue’s fall break every year, which is always great for me because I have the opportunity to go.

The festival is called Ethnic Expo and it really allows the different ethnic groups of Columbus to showcase their culture and allow the town to enjoy their cuisine. Booths of different countries line the street of downtown, some booths have many different things to buy, such as jewelry that pertains to the country, clothes, and of course food. This year, the host country was Mexico. Mexico led the parade and got the chance to display more items that are important to the Mexican culture. As someone who is half Mexican, it was a great feeling to see everyone enjoy the food as well as the Ethnic Expohistory.

The weather cooperated this year, so that is always a great thing especially because fireworks are scheduled the last night that Ethnic Expo is active. It’s always great to go to Ethnic Expo, not just because of the food, but also there is an incredibly high possibility of running into familiar faces from high school and being able to catch up and see how people are doing. I’m incredibly happy that my hometown has this every year, because the experience of seeing all the different cultures and ethnicities come together is fantastic.

— Marguerite Lamborn, Junior, Psychological Sciences

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