October is Birthday Month

Kings IslandHello! Another month has flown by! October is an especially busy month for my family and I. My parents and myself all have birthdays during this month so I have been home for three weekends in a row. This last weekend we celebrated my dad’s birthday (10/18) as well as my aunt’s (his sister). They were born on the same day but two years apart.

On Saturday, when my aunt and cousin arrived in town, we went and supported my two younger sisters as they performed their color guard show in a marching band competition. On Sunday we actually went to King’s Island and it was an absolutely gorgeous fall Stuckey Farmday. The best part about going this late in the season was that no one was there so we got to do everything that we wanted to in the park with little to no waits! On Monday, it was time for me to travel back to Purdue to start my week of classes. Before I began my travels we stopped by Stuckey’s Farm to do some apple picking and bring back some old memories of when my aunt and cousin used to come visit. After we were done apple picking, my parents, two sisters, aunt and cousin all followed me back to Purdue where we had lunch before I went to class. The weekend was so much fun and it was great getting to be able to go home to visit my relatives.

— Jordan Raver, Sophomore, Hospitality and Tourism Management

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