Summer Internship with the State Health Department

Indiana Health Commissioner

Indiana Health Commissioner

This past summer was a fast paced one. I was able to secure a summer internship at the last minute. I had originally applied to a long list of places ranging from GE Healthcare to the American Heart Association. Although I did not get those internships, I was finally able to get an internship with the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH). I worked in the Office of Public Health Policy and Performance Management. During my time there, my primary role involved doing work on public health accreditation. Because the ideal of accreditation is so new to the field of public health, my job was to analyze different strategies that the department could use to begin the process of accreditation, which is about a six month process; the goal being to make Indiana State Department of Health a nationally accredited department. Accreditation is important because this indicates that departments across the country meet the same standards and are providing adequate health needs to their prospective populations. Another major task of mine was to analyze different data in regards to Indiana’s health and performance outcome of the Department as a whole. I would take the data from previous years and find trend and averages, then I would compare that data to the national trends. From

there, I would help set health and performance targets for the upcoming years. Lastly, I was able to review my supervisor’s updates to the certain Indiana Health Codes and ensured that they were consistent with the new public health accreditation standards. This was an out of class room experience that I am so grateful for. Working for ISDH allowed me to get on the front end of a new area in public health, public health accreditation.

— Jordan R. Williams, Senior, Public Health

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