2014 Crossroads Conference

CrossroadsMan! Where has the semester gone?! October is almost over, but there have been so many great opportunities available here on campus. Earlier this week I was able to volunteer at the 2014 Crossroads Conference here at Purdue throughout my involvement with the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association (NSSLHA). This conference draws speech, language, and hearing professionals, speakers, and guests from across the nation and was such a great networking opportunity! I had the privilege of hosting Jamy Claire Archer, one of our speakers from the University of South Carolina, who gave a fantastic presentation titled “AVT, TC, ASL, Oh My! Navigating the Alphabet Sea and Technology Jungle of Hearing Loss.” She had very interesting information to share about her experiences teaching graduate students at the university, as well as information on her personal case load which deals primarily with children. Hearing her presentation gave me another outlook of what those who major in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences can do after graduation, as I greatly enjoy learning about the growing flexibility of job opportunities within this major. Thank you Jamy Claire Archer for coming to Purdue and expressing your passion for speech pathology, you definitely inspired me!

— Stacia Braden, Sophomore, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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