Opportunities at Purdue

Wow, we’re already almost eight weeks into school! CRAZY! It’s been so great, although, I am very ready for a break. Fall break will be a much-needed break from the everyday chaos of campus.

September has been a month of a lot of personal and professional development. Along with September comes career fair season! This was my first career fair, so I wanted to be sure I was adequately prepared. Shell Oil sponsored a networking event, where Shell representatives gave a presentation on how to “work a room.” We also had the opportunity to meet representatives from companies looking for consumer science students to hire. There, I met two recruiters from Ross Stores, and they gave me some awesome tips for my resume, and we had a really great conversation during the event, and I was even able to connect with them again at the School of Management Employers Forum (SMEF) Career Fair.

Going to career fairs was so beneficial. This was the first time I ever went to a career fair, so it was very nerve wracking. One of the biggest tips I have for anyone going to a career fair for the first time is to go to a career fair that isn’t as relevant to your major before one made for your major. Essentially, get your nerves out during a practice round at a career fair where you aren’t actively looking for a job. I went to the SMEF Career Fair before I went to the Consumer Science (CSR) Career Fair. At SMEF, I was able to practice approaching recruiters and saying my elevator pitch and get those nerves out of the way. Then, at CSR the next day, I was confident in approaching companies and telling them about myself.

It was really neat to sCareer Fair 2ee aCareer Fair 1ll of the career options there were for students at Purdue, and definitely reassured me that I was in the right place.

BUT, don’t think that all I did in September was job search! Purdue offered an amazing non-academic opportunity – free concert!!! Walk the Moon performed at Slayter Hill, and it was awesome. They are a great band, and so good live! It was so much fun to forget about studying for a while and enjoy some great music.

— Ally Ylo, Sophomore, Financial Counseling and Planning

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