Having Fun This Fall At Purdue

This month I decided to take a break from writing about clinicals and show other fun things that I have gotten to do at Purdue this semester. As much as I enjoy nursing school I need a break from it now and again. First off, all the other students will tell you that this Fall at Purduefall has been GORGEOUS! The leaves have been particularly bright this year. I have run outside more this season than ever just to take it in. Some of my favorite memories from this past semester have been going on a fountain run with my boyfriend and making him jump into the nasty pond by the bell tower with me, taking a photo-shoot with my best friends at Happy Hollow Park and going to Exploration Acres corn maze with my church. If you have been on campus before you can imagine how much fun it is to run through those fountains and it is definitely on the Boilermaker bucket list! Happy Hollow Park is a mere mile or two from campus and is absolutely beautiful with multiple running trails. Exploration Acres is a favorite among students and residents of Lafayette as it has a haunted corn maze too. As you can see, there is so much to do at Purdue! I have loved those breaks from studying in the middle of my busy junior year. Even though we’re busy us nursing students still have fun!

— Laura Mangan, Junior, Nursing

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