October Fun!

How is it already November?! I can’t even believe it. Last time I checked, there are only 7 Fridays until Christmas!!!! WHAT!?!

Apple PickingAnyway! October was a good month. Fall break was a wonderful, much-needed break. My cousins from Lincoln, Nebraska, made a trip out to Northwest Indiana. They have lived in Germany for the past six months, so it was the first time we got to see them since they got back to the States. Our weekend was filled with apple picking, apple donuts, homemade food, and convincing my cousin (who is a senior) to come to Purdue. He’s still thinking about it, so fingers crossed!

I went home one more time during October to celebrate my dad’s birthday. I know he’ll probably read this, so I won’t tell you how old he is (you’re welcome, Dad!), but it was a big one! My mom and sister drove down to Purdue on Friday afternoon, without telling my dad. When I showed up at the door, he was pretty surprised. But it was a very fun weekend. The best part was that I finished my homework before I wPumpkin Carvingent home, so I was able to fully relax and spend the weekend with my family.

As for Halloween fun, my floor had a pumpkin carving activity, so a friend and I carved a cute, little white pumpkin. One of the guys on my floor took two white pumpkins and made a snowman! A little ironic, I suppose, but it was very creative.

I DID dressing up in costume on Halloween – my history teacher offered four points extra credit for anyone in a costume. So, it was definitely worth the weird looks! Good college tip – if your teacher is offering extra credit, TAKE IT! No matter what.

— Ally Ylo, Sophomore, Financial Counseling and Planning

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