Study Abroad Well Promoted at Purdue

Studying abroad is such a unique and exiting experience and Purdue students are lucky in the fact that it is very highly promoted for every student to experience here on our campus. While there are lots of opportunities to choose from; from spring break, to maymester, to summer trips or winter break trips, I chose to do a semester long study abroad trip. Sometimes it can be a challenge to fit a whole semester abroad into your 4-year plan but I worked with my advisor (shout out, she’s great) to make it work and I took the majority of my physical therapy pre-requisite classes the past two years to make sure I had a semester free my junior year. I am going to Florence, Italy leaving January 15th at 9:55 and landing in Florence at 12:30 January 16th. It is going to be a long day of traveling – I am an out of state student and I will be leaving from Omaha, to Houston, to Frankfurt, Germany to Florence, Italy. Whew! It has definitely been a process working through all of the steps required to study abroad, from figuring out how to get my visa to filling out all of the necessary paperwork for Purdue and making appointments to get my courses abroad approved for credit here at Purdue. The payoff from a semester long trip abroad will be so worth the headache some of it can cause – cough cough getting my visa! The Study Abroad office is there to help you along every step of the way, and all of the academic advisors and course liaison advisors (the ones who approve your credit abroad to match a Purdue course) are so knowledgeable. I am getting to take a watercolor class while in Italy, something I may not have thought to sign up for while back at Purdue, but the thought of passing up a hands on art course in a city of art just seemed wrong! I am also taking a global history of Florence course and a few other anthropology and history type classes. The way I planned my 4-year plan, I saved the majority of my electives to use for studying abroad so I am able to take a 12-credit semester of courses in anything I’m interested in. I honestly cannot wait to start my semester there and I know that it will give me new perspectives that I couldn’t experience any other way. Oh, and the pasta.

Boiler Up!!! Ciao

— Rachel Mentzel, Junior, Movement and Sport Sciences

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