Courses Can Be For Fun and Learning!

A topic I wish I would have known more about before coming to Purdue would have been the courses that are available to take as electives outside of your own major. As Retail Management and Agricultural Communication majors, I have had the opportunity to take many different types of classes.

Of course, I have had the core classes for both the school of Health and Human Sciences and Agriculture. I have also had classes relevant to my majors. Focusing mainly on Retail Management, I have had the opportunity to take many fun and interesting classes. My visual merchandising class was one of my favorites, especially creating our own window displays and working with the eye tracker. Our textiles class was not only challenging, but interesting. By taking the lab that went with that class, I was able to better understand the fabrics we were working with and even got to do different fabric tests in lab! Consumer behavior and our leadership class were a couple more courses that offered the opportunity to grow and learn as a leader and offer a look inFlower 1to the real world beyond college.

However, there are many classes that are available for electives outside of your major! Flower 2Opportunities to take bowling classes, exercise to music, golf, jewelry making and many, many more are just a few of the interesting classes Purdue has to offer. One of my personal favorites has been flower arranging. There are two levels to this course. HORT 360 is the beginning flower arranging course followed by HORT 370 which is the advanced flower arranging course.

Not only is this a fun class, but you actually get to learn a lot about arranging flowers, taking care of them and also house plants! Not to mention, you look popular when you are carrying around flowers every week and have beautiful arrangements for your room!

— Stacy Gudas, Senior, Retail Management

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