Medical Laboratory Sciences Clinical Interviews

Well November has arrived a lot quicker than I expected! This semester is flying by and I am certain November will be no different. For Medical Laboratory Sciences majors, November is filled with interviews and more interviews! My applications for my clinical year placements have all been submitted and my interviews have all been scheduled. I was pretty excited to have all that behind me until I realized that was going to be the easy part of the process. Once you send in your applications the programs contact you to set up a personal interview. Today I completed my fourth of nine interviews! Almost halfway through, yay!! Being from Rhode Island, I had seen very little of Indiana besides West Lafayette and Indianapolis. I feel like I have now driven through all of Indiana for these interviews. Who knew you could drive three hours in one direction and not even leave the state?! I could have done three laps around RI in that time! Let’s just say that by the end of these interviews I will be ready for a much needed Thanksgiving break to catch up on all my missed sleep.

— Jessica Grasso, Sophomore, Medical Laboratory Sciences

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