Time Flies in Nursing at Purdue University

They always say time flies when you’re having fun and I have to say that is true. I’m a junior in nursing school and almost done with my first semester. Looking back it seems like arriving at Purdue as a freshman was just last week, but time is flying by and I’m graduating in about 18 months! Right now, I’m trying to enjoy my life and school and participate in as many things as possible. I’m in OB clinical this semester and loving every minute of it, though it’s proven to be challenging. Thus far, I have seen a cesarean birth, given babies their first baths and their newborn medications, done newborn assessments fresh out of the womb, assisted a lactation specialist in helping mom’s breastfeed, and learned to monitor babies and moms en utero. It’s so amazing to be a part of such an important time in a baby’s and family’s life! In my med-surge clinical I have been administering medications to patients and even got to participate in a flu shot clinic where I administered many flu shots. This weekend I am volunteering at an event called The Veteran’s Stand Down at the Fairgrounds in Lafayette. I will be administering free psychiatric screenings for PTSD, domestic violence, and depression to veterans, many of whom are homeless. My advice to you is wherever you attend school, be it the wonderful Purdue University or anywhere else, embrace your time in college and make every second count. You will more than likely only be an undergraduate once and will only be in your late teens and early 20’s for a few years, so put those years to good use and enjoy the opportunities available to you. You never know where you may find your passion!

— Holly Hepworth, Junior, Nursing

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