Exciting Nursing Internships

Being at a Big Ten school, I have always been blown away at the amount of opportunities, opportunities for student organizations, jobs, club sports, intermurals, internships, you name it. This past month I attended an internship workshop through the Purdue Nursing Student Council and I was blown away with the internship opportunities available. Several of these internships were available through the School of Nursing cooperative program and other internships were available because of connections and the name of the Purdue School of Nursing. A couple seniors shared about an internship they had this past summer working as student nurse externs in Houston at one of the best hospitals in the United States. Another student shared about her internship at Bradford Woods-a summer camp for children with disabilities through Riley Children’s Hospital. These internships spanned the country in locations from Houston, to Cleveland to Chicago. I jumped on board and applied for a paid internship as a student nurse at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). If I get this internship, I will work full time for ten weeks this summer, most likely in a maternity ward or intensive care unit. I will receive four hours of training a week in a seminar for nursing students to improve on teamwork and learn about our healthcare system. The most exciting part of this internship is that I would be paired with a preceptor, an experienced nurse who would teach me how to perform procedures such as endotracheal tube care, skills I will be using as a nurse. I haven’t heard back from UPMC yet but I am thrilled with this possibility!

— Laura Mangan, Junior, Nursing

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