Lots of Opportunities at Purdue University

Time really goes by fast when your are busy and enjoying your classes! I can’t believe my first semester of Junior year is coming to an end and in about a month I’ll be studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. Its shocking how my time at Purdue is almost coming to an end, but I have definitely enjoyed all of it . As I came to Purdue, I was worried of how I was going to adapt to such a big campus. I had no idea where to start, what club to join, or how to get experience in my field of study. However, looking back to all my experiences, I can’t believe all that Purdue has offered me. It all started when I decided to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to new experiences. My freshman year I attended leadership conferences that opened doors for further conferences in my sophomore year. Also, as a freshman I decided get involved in Sport Nutrition through NUTR 345/445. This class allows hands-on experience in sport nutrition by working with Purdue’s Division I athletes. Likewise, Dietetics requires a food service experience that can be completed by working at the Boiler Bistro in Marriot Hall, summer food service internship or by working at Purdue’s dinning court. I choose working at Wiley Dinning Court and it was such a great experience. Besides getting paid and getting class credit, I got to work with an amazing staff and students who taught me what it is like to work in the food service area. Furthermore, joining Purdue’s Nutrition Society allowed me to meet and interact with other students in my major, faculty and the community. It is a great way to apply what you learn in class and help the community become aware of the importance of nutrition. Lastly, as a student ambassador, my love and appreciation towards Purdue has grown. I have learned so much about Purdue, interactebridge-dublin-ireland (3)d with alumni, and most importantly I have had the opportunity to meet prospective students and share my passion for Purdue. Besides these opportunities, Purdue has a wide variety of other opportunities in which one can get involved and grow as a professional.

P.S.  Through Purdue’s Study Abroad Program, I’ll be able to finish my junior year course work at the Dublin Institute of Technology, one of Ireland’s most prestigious universities. To the left is a picture of Dublin City, my new home this coming spring semester.

Boiler Up!

Carmen Cucalon, Junior, Dietetics/Nutrition, Fitness and Health

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