Much To Learn In The Purdue Infant Speech Lab

This semester has been very exciting, as well as very busy. One new thing that I have started this semester is having the opportunity to do research with one of my previous professors. The research lab that I am involved in is the Purdue Infant Speech Lab. The goal for this research lab is to get a better understanding of how babies listen to and understand speech. This is my first time working in this type of environment, so there is so much to learn and so many doors opening that I didn’t realize were available to me.

As I learn in the traditional classroom setting for the majority of my classes, I am also getting the opportunity to bring education to life. I am getting to experience experiments that I thought I was only going to read about in my textbook.

This is such an exciting opportunity and I am looking forward to getting more involved in the research world here at Purdue. Most of my professors that I have had also do research as well as teach. This semester has encouraged me to get more involved in these research opportunities to make my education go in full circle.

— Sara Loerch, Sophomore, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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