Purdue Nursing – Obstetrics Clinicals

Almost every nursing student looks forward to Obstetrics clinical with excitement, including me. It’s been even better than I imagined! Every Friday bright and early I head down to IU Health Network in Indianapolis with my clinical group to work on the floor from 6:45-12:30. Waking up that early is hard but I look forward to the clinical so much. So far, I have seen a C-section, performed newborn assessments including the baby’s first bath, given injections and cared for mothers. I’ll also be in the postpartum unit, NICU and in labor and delivery which I am really looking forward to! There are hard parts of OB and I’m sure I’ll realize this more and more. I love OB though because there is nothing more special than seeing that moment when the parents meet their baby for the first time. I definitely cried.

— Laura Mangan, Junior, Nursing

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