Many Scholarship Opportunities Available

Hello Readers, this semester is off to a busy start. Classes are going well and I have been busy writing scholarships for next fall. I used to think once I was in college I wouldn’t have any more opportunities to receive scholarships besides the ones I received from high school. However, I have learned that is far from the case. The College of Health and Human Sciences has multiple opportunities to receive financial aid even as a junior. I am currently working on two scholarships and have already put in for three for next school year. Even though I am never certain if I will be awarded the scholarship or not, it is always worth my time. The way I look at it is this: if I work on a scholarship for two hours and am awarded even $250, that is more than I would earn working two hours at any job! Time will tell and I encourage everyone to fill out as many as possible. Can’t believe how fast this semester is going, but I look forward to all of the memories I will make from now to the beginning of May.

Stay Warm,

— Rachael Wetli, Junior, Human Services

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