Study Abroad Easy At Purdue

study abroad scholarshipMost people dream of visiting another country and exploring new cultures and places. At Purdue, it is easy to make this dream a reality through the numerous study abroad programs offered to students. The College of Health and Human Sciences offers programs to every major for different amounts of time. There are semester-long programs, summer programs, and spring break programs available for students to choose from. Programs in different countries throughout various continents could be found by doing a search on the study abroad website. This summer I will be participating in a study abroad program in Turkey with the Human Development and Family Studies department of HHS. Like many other students, the financial aspect of study abroad was a worry for me when it came to planning the trip. Luckily, I was able to find some scholarships offered to Purdue students to help me pay for my study abroad experience. Purdue promotes study abroad for all students so there is now the Purdue Moves Study Abroad Scholarship available for every student studying abroad to apply for. There are additional scholarships available specifically for students of the College of Health and Human Sciences. The scholarships available in the College of HHS include the Charles V. and Audrey Palm Riker Fund for Human Development, the Fred and Dorine Santogrossi Award for Study Abroad, and the John and Emma Tse Fund for Global Scholars. In addition to these, students can do more research to find other scholarships and financial resources to fund their trips and to make the trips more affordable. Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience that all students should have the opportunity to participate in and with the help of generous donations available in the form of scholarships, every student has a chance to get financial help for the life-changing journey.

— Elissa Borgia, Sophomore, Nursing

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