Studying Abroad: Preparation

March 3 – One of the great things about Purdue is that it’s encouraged that all Boilermakers embark on a study aboard experience at least once. In high school, studying aboard was always something I looked forward to study abroaddo, and I finally get the opportunity to do so.
During my 8 week long winter break, I spent time preparing both myself and family members for my international departure to Australia. There were of course a few challenges during this preparation period. Some main challenges included packing only two suitcases for 4 whole months, and reassuring my friends that I wouldn’t get attacked by any Australian spiders. Also, because it is my first time flying out of the country, I found it necessary to read up on the Australian culture and current news. This is something I encourage all future travelers to do.

On February 16th, I was all packed, and ready to travel and begin my study aboard journey in the land down under!

— Shanera Wilson, Junior, Public Health

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