Time Management Is Vital!

This semester has definitely been one of the craziest ones I have had yet, which is my excuse for slacking on the blogging! I feel like I definitely hit the ground running in January and only stopped on my little trip to Florida for spring break. On top of the usual schoolwork, I have been applying for nursing externships for this summer. It’s definitely taken up more time than I expected it to! Spring semester is also the time to apply for scholarships for the next academic year, so I have also been busy with that. Reflecting on all of the work that I have had to do this semester, I have realized how vital time management is to a successful college career. You will hear this from every person you talk to freshman year, but it’s definitely true! In college (and life) you will have many responsibilities and expectations from many different people. Organizing your time and prioritizing is the best way to handle the workload. Whether it is making lists, writing in a planner, using sticky notes on your laptop, or setting reminders on your cell phone, it is important to figure out what works best for you. Time management is obviously something I continue to use throughout my entire college career and will benefit from once I start working. So even though the advice you get freshman year may sound repetitive or cliché, it is some good advice and it’s funny to see how true it is even as a junior in college!

— Smaro Spandonidis, Junior, Nursing


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