Not So Dead Week: Purdue Day of Giving

PDOG 1Purdue Day of Giving is a twenty-four hour event for the different departments throughout Purdue to compete in hourly challenges for bonus money. The purpose for this event is to increase the participation of donors for our university. At the end of the day, there were 9,626 donations made. The donation amount ranged from ten dollars to millions of dollars. Each donor made his or her contribution to a specific department to which they would like to support.

PDOG 2The department I work with was Purdue Bands and Orchestras. I play the oboe in the wind ensemble and I am so fortunate to have this opportunity to continue playing music at a college level. Before Day of Giving, I organized sending out 10,000 postcards to let our alumni and donors know about our event. This project started in November so it was very rewarding to see the last postcard to get sent out. During the Day of Giving Challenges, I helped monitor who was donating and encouraged the students in our department to help with the hourly challenges.

Overall this day was very successful for the university. It gave the parents, students, and alumni a chance to give back to Purdue University for all the wonderful opportunities it has brought us. I am thankful for Purdue Bands and Orchestras and The College of Health and Human Sciences because these programs have allowed me to grow as a person and meet many new friends along the way.

— Sara Loerch, Junior, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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