Summer Teaching Moments

Every summer, I expect I’ll have lots of free time and every summer it comes to an end quickly and that is not the case! I’m sure you can relate =). From changing jobs, to my boyfriend moving and starting his first assignment with the army, to traveling to four countries in five days, there were many big changes and adjustments. Looking back on this summer, though, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I started a full-time job as a nurse’s assistant on a rehab unit, traveled to Spain, Switzerland, Italy and France, and spent much needed time with the people I love. Two quotes from this summer have stuck with me. Famous explorer Ibn Battuta said, “Traveling leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.” Seeing the canals of Italy, the rolling hills of Switzerland and the glowing yellow cathedrals of Zurich at night left me feeling that way. In the moment, I was quiet and sometimes overwhelmed by everything around me (and also exhausted from having not slept the past couple days ;), but now I have so many stories to share and I cannot wait to see more of the world! Another quote came from an ordinary part of my day-driving to work. A sign at a local realtor’s office I passed at work every day said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” by author Neale Donald Walsch. While I found that was an interesting sign to have at a realtor’s office, it stuck because work pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I came across many situations I will be handling as a nurse-talking with families who were upset, communicating with many different healthcare team members and juggling several different roles all in one job. I’m so grateful for all of the ways that I grew this whirlwind of a summer and I can’t wait to have more stories to share this fall as I start my senior year!

— Laura Mangan, Senior, Nursing

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