Low-Key Summer Days

Hello Boilermakers! How is summer going for all you folks? It’s been pretty standard over here in Munster, IN. I’ve been working a lot, traveled a bit, and I’ve definitely caught up on sleep and various other things.

Work: This summer, I’ve continued my work for a pediatric therapy company called Milestone Therapy. I work for them during the school year as well, doing some billing, entering new patients into their computer system, mostly data entry. But this summer, they gave me some new projects – accounting! This accounting is not like CPA accounting, though. When they switched computer systems, they had to transfer the patients’ names and billing information, which wasn’t fully updated at the time. I’m reconciling some of the appointments that were paid off in 2012, so their numbers for the patient are all matched up. It’s pretty simple, and good experience.

It’s also a really cool company. One that has proven just how much each of our disciplines inter-twine. Every day, I work with speech, physical, occupational, and developmental therapists, which many of my ambassador colleagues aspire to be. I love being able to see the positive work these therapists do every day, and it’s great to be able to contribute my skills to this great cause.

Travel: While this sounds so exciting, my travel hasn’t been as exotic as those of my friends studying abroad in Spain or Australia. Most of my travel has been strictly Midwest, which isn’t so bad. So far this summer, I’ve been to Omaha/Lincoln, NE twice to visit family. My cousin graduated in May, so my mom and I drove out to celebrate with them. He is currently training at the Naval Academy and is going to start his first year there in the fall. We’re very proud.  My second trip to Nebraska was more laid back. We visited my Lola (grandma), spent time with cousins, and relaxed.

NebraskaOn the top left, I’m with my cousin who is going to the Navy. He’s two years younger than me, but about two feet taller!! On the top right, I’m with my Lola (grandma) and mom. I always love the chance to get to visit her! On the bottom, I’m with my siblings and two of my older cousins. They’re both in school in New York, so it was great to see them while we still could.

I also spent a few weekends visiting my boyfriend. He’s also going to be a junior at Purdue University, studying mechanical engineering. He’s working for P&G this summer in Cincinnati, OH, so we made plans to travel a bit and see each other. We met in Indianapolis for a weekend, walked around the city a lot, and visited the war memorial and Capitol building. I also drove to Cincinnati one weekend. He showed me where he works, and we went to some popular Cincinnati spots! We ate lunch at a restaurant called Taste of Belgium where I had the most delicious Belgian waffle ever. We also made a trip to Jungle Jim’s, a gigantic Ohio grocery store. There were mini-stores inside for every country. I was able to find some really unique Filipino ingredients that my mom and I have never been able to find anywhere else. I swear I could have walked around there for hours!

TravelOn the top left, Michael and I are at Mahoney Park in Nebraska. There’s a huge water park and fields everywhere to picnic, we had a really great time getting to relax and cool off in the 100-degree heat! On the bottom left, we are in Cincinnati having dinner. We found some really cool, unique places to eat. This particular restaurant had the BEST salsa ever. And on the right, we are at the Indianapolis Circle Monument. It’s under construction, so not the prettiest background, but still a wonderful time in a great city!

Other: And of course, how could it be summer without hibernating for a few days?? Finals definitely take it out me, so I needed some time to catch some zzz’s. But I’ve also been able to watch some new TV shows and see some movies that I’ve wanted to get to. I saw Avenger’s 2: Age of Ultron and Jurassic World, both of which I enjoyed. My cousin got me to start watching Parks and Recreation, and another cousin got me to watch Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders.

Overall, an excellent summer!! I am itching to get back to Purdue for many new adventures including (but not limited to)… Apartment living, a full semester of real-deal business classes, and beginning to study for my CFP – YIKES! How did that happen so fast?!

Hopefully, you’re all enjoying this last bit of summer! But, as always, BOILER UP!

— Ally Ylo, Senior, Financial Counseling and Planning

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