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Off to a running start!

Summer was great! I spent it as a camp counselor for 9-11 year olds! So basically I got paid to paint, bake cookies, have water balloon fights, and swim everyday. It’s a rough life- but someone has to live it! … Continue reading

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Most Importantly – Get Involved!

I get asked quite often what advice I would give to prospective students of Purdue. I always used to say that they should work hard and do what they need to do in order to succeed. It wasn’t until recently … Continue reading

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Yours in Song

The beginning of the school year is always so exciting at Purdue! There are so many fun events going on around campus– from club call outs to Zumba classes and Greek life recruitment to football games. I’m currently a junior … Continue reading

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Juggling Life

As I entered college, people told me that it is all about time management. As a senior now, I can confirm that is absolutely true! With nursing school, working two part time jobs, managing two leadership roles, living off campus … Continue reading

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Why Choose Purdue?

Before I get too much into talking about how awesome Purdue is and can’t stop myself, I want to introduce myself to all the prospective students who may be reading this. A bit about me, let’s go. My name is … Continue reading

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Purdue Round Two!

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is back to Purdue and getting right to work on new classes and getting involved in the various extracurricular activities that Purdue offers. I am so excited to be here at my home … Continue reading

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Dancing, Zipping and Singing All Summer

This past summer I got to dance, zip line, play dress up, and sing Frozen songs everyday! Are you wondering where I was? I was actually here in good ol’ Lafayette! This summer I stayed on campus and worked at … Continue reading

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A Summer Abroad in Madrid, Spain

This summer, I had a wonderful opportunity to study abroad for six weeks in Spain. Through this program, I took two classes that would fulfill my Spanish minor. It was a win-win situation; I was going to get credit for … Continue reading

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Back to School – In Denial

And with that, summer ends and school begins. And can someone please tell me how I’m a junior? When did that happen? Sometimes I feel like I just got done with BGR. But here we are, junior year. My schedule … Continue reading

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