Dancing, Zipping and Singing All Summer

This past summer I got to dance, zip line, play dress up, and sing Frozen songs everyday! My Gym 1Are you wondering where I was? I was actually here in good ol’ Lafayette! This summer I stayed on campus and worked at My Gym Children’s Fitness Center. I got to interact with children ages 6 weeks old to 11 years old teaching fitness classes. Each week we had different relays, swings, games, dances, and songs that we taught the kids. We had two skill stations a week that encouraged them to use different muscles throughout their bodies; whether it’s learning to engage their core muscles to help them balance on the beam or practice doing flips on the high bar, they were My Gym 2definitely getting their workout in and so was I! I loved the variety that each day at My Gym brought. For example I could have a class with a nine-month-old where we worked on their grip reflex as they hung from the high bar and later help a five year old as they begun to learn how to do a back walkover. Each day was something new and different, which I loved! My favorite part of the job was watching the kids improve each week. Being able to see them grow was very rewarding! I am also working there throughout the school year too. In addition to teaching regular classes, I’m teaching pre-ballet and hip-hop which has been a blast. It’s been an adjustment to get used to juggling a job and classes but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it! One other great thing about working here is it will look good on grad school applications when I begin to apply next fall. I’m hoping to attend grad school to become a child life specialist so the opportunity to work with kids on a weekly basis is great!

— Haley Leas, Junior, Human Services

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