Purdue Round Two!

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is back to Purdue and getting right to work on new classes and getting involved in the various extracurricular activities that Purdue offers. I am so excited to September Blogbe here at my home away from home.

This is my sophomore year of college. Freshman year flew by! This year, I am living in Owen Hall again. Being in the residence halls is so convenient. I do not have to worry about preparing meals, I am close to campus, I do not have to find time to clean since there is a wonderful cleaning staff, and I can walk out of my room and be with friends right away!

In addition to the convenience of the residence halls, one of the best places on campus is right down the street: The Corec! I am all about fitness and health. Group X classes are a huge perk of being at Purdue. There are so many fitness classes to choose from each day that targets every muscle group. My favorite classes are Werq, Zumba, Body Sculpt, and Pound. Werq is a cardio dance class with hip hop and pop songs. Zumba is like a Latin dance party. Body Sculpt works every muscle from your arms to your legs, and Pound works the core while doing different exercises with drum sticks along to music. Group X classes really help me stay healthy and motivated to work out, and they are so fun they don’t even feel like you are working out.

I am looking forward to what this semester will unveil to me. It is going to be academically challenging, but in the end, it will all be worth it!

— Kelli Duncan, Sophomore, Dietetics

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